Syncs And Drinks Speaker Feature: Jared Depasquale. “The Expanding Sphere Of Media Music” at Score-Com 2019

Composer Jared DePasquale will be participating in “The Expanding Sphere of Media Music” The New World: Partnerships, Processes, and Practices session.

Jared has contributed music to over a thousand different projects including scores to The Legends of Robin Hood (Gwilym Lee of Bohemian Rhapsody), The Secret Garden (Dame Joan Plowright of Driving Miss Daisy), Little Women (Gemma Jones from the Harry Potter series), Les Miserables (Brian Blessed of Star Wars Episode 1), The Trials of Saint Patrick (John Rhys-Davies of Lord of the Rings), Ode to Saint Cecilia (Hayley Atwell of The Avengers series), and Brother Francis (Owen Teale of Game of Thrones)

“The purpose of the Syncs and Drinks series is to bring together professionals who work within the same synchronization value chain. From brands and filmmakers to supervisors and clearance agents to music producers and scoring, each play important role in helping filmmakers and advertisers connect brands to bands” said John Pisciotta, Sync Manager at The Sync Center.

 Syncs and Drinks is a quarterly gathering of sync, supervision and licensing professionals sponsored by The Sync Center and Jetpack Artist Ventures. 



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