Syncs And Drinks Recap w/ guest Heather Buresh – “Sync Pitfalls and Missteps” 

Muchas gracias, Heather Buresh, Music Industry Consultant and former Executive Director at Big Loud Bucks, for sharing some of your best practices in sync licensing. The tie-in to the NFL draft going on just down the street was so appropriate. Lots of questions from the audience verified the validity of the topic. Can’t say enough good things about you! 

A conversation with Heather Buresh: “Sync Pitfalls and Missteps” aka “How Not to Loose a Sync License Opportunity” topics included: metadata, having your “publishing” house in order, negotiations, and some of your personal experiences.

“The purpose of the Syncs and Drinks series is to bring together professionals who work within the same synchronization value chain. From brands and filmmakers to supervisors and clearance agents to music producers and scoring, each play important role in helping filmmakers and advertisers connect brands to bands” said John Pisciotta, Sync Manager at The Sync Center.

Syncs and Drinks is a quarterly gathering of sync, supervision and licensing professionals sponsored by The Sync Center and Jetpack Artist Ventures.

The Sync Center is a music supervision agency. We are global experts in sync, supervision and clearance. Music Powers Content – We Power Music.

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