jetpack artist ventures


Legacy Artists Partnerships 

Our legacy artist confidential partnerships build on decades of success now held in family estates and managed by catalog caretakers. The music industry has evolved greatly since these songs sat atop the charts, and historic artists find themselves in strange new waters. We help them through the fog so their music can continue to thrive, reaching new and old audiences alike. In doing so, we maintain and protect the integrity of the legacy that has been entrusted to us.


Artist Development

We work to identify and sharpen the unique strengths of our artists and remove obstacles that block their progress both creatively and systematically; then, together with their management team, we establish strategies to align their goals and opportunities toward career and asset advancement.


The Song

The song reflects the artist, often becoming an interchangeable extension OF that artist. With this in mind, we strive to create and uncover the best. We don’t settle for “fluff,” we don’t spend money on “pretty good” tunes, and we know that great songs LAST. That’s why we always put the song FIRST.


Show Experience 

Great shows don’t just happen…but they are remembered. We want our artists to shine onstage; to that end, we offer our guidance in musical development, show promotion, and tour management so our artists can walk on stage with confidence and leave their fans with a stage experience that will not soon be forgotten.


Digital Footprint 

The world, and certainly the music industry, lives online now. It’s how artists tell their story, share their music, and reach their fans. With coordinated creation and management, we assist our artists in their communication to both improve their engagement with their fan base and support the touring and promotional elements reflecting a healthy and growing career.


Video Campaigns

Tech giant Cisco Systems predicts that digital media will comprise 82% of all internet traffic by 2020. That is HUGE. With this in mind, we work to develop relevant video content that supports the creative efforts of our artists and their music; from music video to live streaming, road summaries to fan chats, video is growing…and we help our artists grow with it.


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