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 Jetpack Artist Ventures is a music company built for the modern world. A modern entertainment company representing artists in all areas of music, film, publishing, branding and partnerships; together our team has 80 years of shared experience with deep expertise in artist management, publishing, sync, marketing, digital technology, production, venture capital syndication, and brand partnership.


Our specific concentrations – label, sync, and services and ventures – each focus on helping our portfolio partners win.


 Music, Media, IP and Services.  


Jetpack Artist Ventures: Create What’s Next.

















Today, fans experience their favorite artists in exciting new ways. Music is delivered through live performance, studio recordings, music licensing, songwriting or online digital content, Jetpack is, at its core, an artist EXPERIENCE company. Wherever fans interact and connect with their favorite artists, that is where we help YOU to be.

Jetpack is EXECUTION

Jetpack is an engine propelling you forward. When you win, we win. Full stop. We believe music’s best days are ahead, and we can’t wait to get you there.

Jetpack is EXPANSION

A thriving career will expand through various forums: Songs, Production, Sync Licensing, Social Media, Touring, Partnerships and Capital. We are not slave to a model that never really worked in the first place; we are a music company built for the modern world.

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