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Back When I was You – Moe Loughran, Chad Nesrallah, Brent Baxter

Here’s a look into a recent Jetpack writer retreat…and the bringing together of talent that may have never found each other without it.

Moe Loughran. Man…the girl goes straight for the heart. Been cherished by Nashville for a good while. Winner of an American Music Award. Killer.

On guitar…Chad Nesrallah. Music producer, sound engineer, plays more than his share of instruments. Canadian…and that’s cool.

Wordsmith…Brent Baxter. Laying the message onto the music and sitting back as he listens to the magic happen.

CLICK HERE and listen to the first incarnation of “Back When I Was You.”

Chad Nesrallah Music Producer and Sound Engineer at Fat Dog Studio production facility in Canada


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