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The Sync Center is a collaborative music and rights clearance agency
– a collection of experts in sync, supervision and clearance. Our work
is trusted by Fortune 50 companies, independent filmmakers,
advertisers, networks, brand agencies, YouTubers and major film
studios. By 2019, videos will represent 80 percent of online
marketing content. Some will use library type music, but when its
important, many want music that is meaningful and known to the
viewer. We make that process happen.

Music powers content; we power music.



fall out boy, cee lo green, onerepublic, macklemore, kesha, rolling stones, simon and garfunkel, bon jovi, queen, marvin gaye, ashford and valerie simpson, blake shelton, faith hill, miley cyrus, amy grant, danger mouse, trans-siberian orchestra, leann rimes, carrie underwood, garth brooks, needtobreathe, carole king, whitney houston, george jones estate, hank williams estate, the geto boys, miranda lambert, jimmy van heusen estate, frank sinatra estate, george canyon, bmi, sony atv tree, universal, bmg.


microsoft, showtime, vera wang, dupont, buick, ncaa track and field
championship, subaru, gm, full screen media, at&t, espn, cnn, cnn
asia, final four frozen four hockey, channel 4 (uk), channel 5 (uk),
endemol (uk), fox sports (us), mtv, mtv (uk) hollyoaks, geordie shore,
discovery networks (us), discovery networks (uk), the speed channel,
my name is earl, dawson’s creek, the 13th step, the hallmark channel.


  • Super Bowl ad: $200,000-$20MM
  • Feature film: $25,000-$250,000 (varies widely)
  • HBO/Netflix/Amazon/YouTube Red: $1,000-$5,000
  • National ad: $5,000-$50,000 (varies widely)
  • Regional ad: $1,000-$7,000
  • Corporate event: $1,000-$12,000
  • Film festival: $800-$3,000
  • Branded content on Facebook and/or Youtube: $1,500-$5,000
  • Online organic (non-paid) posts: $1,000-$3,000
  • University and education: up to $10,000 (varies widely)
  • Gratis use: and occasional 501(c)(3) free licenses
    (These ranges are meant to show range for each use type)

What are the costs of each sync license? There are 2 parts to this question.
One is our clearance service, and the other is the actual price of the song
itself, the publisher(s) and record label.

How long does it take? From start to finish sync licenses take 6-8 weeks. It
depends on how quickly parties respond. We do have an expedited service
that we make available for a quick turnaround.

What is the expedited service and how does it work? Filmmakers and
producers can often forget about music until the last minute of
production. What is the expedited service and how does it work? Think of
it like a big red flashing light on your project. Your project goes to the front
of the line and everybody works on it together, it’s the most important
project we’re working on until it is completed. Feel free to reach out to our
licensing team to learn more.

Do you facilitate other license types? Yes, beyond sync licenses, we
facilitate grand-rights, mechanical licenses for cover songs and blended
new media uses.

Can you help with re-recordings? Yes, our producers can augment as we
supervise a project.

Can a licensor say No? Yes, if your use includes tobacco or has a NC-17 rating or for any other reason close to the rights holder, the rights holder can deny a request.

Help! We have spent all our budget in production, is there anything you
can do to help us? Yikes! Reach out to our licensing team.

Can you help with music budgeting for our investors? Yes, we work closely
with producers to manage the music spend.

Can you help with song replacement? Yes, often the well-known hit song is out of budget, we have options for song replacement. We work on this often. Take a series like Dawson’s Creek. The music was originally cleared for terrestrial cable television. Netflix had not been invented yet so the online streaming use wasn’t even a consideration. Once Netflix was up and running, all the music used in the original Dawson’s Creek had to be re-licensed for online streaming uses. This is why some of the original music is different from what you hear currently on Netflix.

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